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We educate poor children. We do so without regard to race gender or religion. We have very low overheads relying mainly on volunteers. We run a child sponsorship program. We educate hundreds of children and know that with your help we can help more.
Educate The Kids
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We have been fortunate to sponsor Tatu for several years now and have had very strong links with her charity. Having a recent visit from Tatu’s teacher and head teacher made it very real for our pupils and also Maureen’s visits have definitely brought the Kenya way of life first hand to them all. The children have learned how different life is for Tatu and how lucky they are to be living in a country which does not suffer the hardships she has to. The children are also aware of the similarities they experience as children which makes them more aware of others, respectful and grateful. They are also developing their moral education and understand why caring is important. By asking for donations for Educate the Kids, parents become more aware of others and feel they are helping children less fortunate than their own.
Sandra, Rannoch Nursery
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