Life is hard for these children and we recognise that education is nought if you don’t have food in your belly. One of the first things we introduced 2o years ago was the porridge programme to ensure that all children had something to eat daily. 


In 2016, it became obvious to us that we needed to do more than provide a daily porridge in the morning, economically things were difficult in Kenya and many families just couldn’t afford food for their children. We made the momentous decision to increase our sponsorship from £6 to £11 to include school lunch (which shows you how expensive food is )! We were prepared to lose sponsors, but knew in the long term it would be most beneficial . In 2018 we now have ALL kindergarten children receiving lunch, absences are down as mothers no longer need to find money to pay for lunch. Around 70% of sponsors have upgraded their sponsorship to include lunch, if you haven’t please get in touch



If you don’t want to sponsor a child but are happy to pay for lunch  Click to donate costs £5 per month