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Educate the kids want to provide hope, encouragement and opportunity for children who need a little hand up. Sometimes we have to go the extra mile to make this happen…

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Christmas Food Parcels
Christmas is coming !!If you want to help ensure that the child you sponsor gets something to eat this Christmas, please donate here. We will
WELL DONE MAXWELL Another Success Story
  Maxwell Omondi who came to the U.K as a young drummer with the choir in 2008 and then returned as an adult as one of the legends has just completed his college course. We[...]
Kilt walk 2021
Thanks to all those who participated in the kilt walk this year, even though it was a much smaller event because of covid, we had walkers in Mombassa, Wales, Scotland & England, much fun was[...]
Kilt walk returns 23-25th April
KILTWALK We have a small team ( including some children in Africa ) who need sponsorship for their walk. You can also join the team, get your own sponsors and raise money for Educate the[...]
Happy Easter
The great gift of Easter is hope, and these children have great hope in their lives. They bring us together and understand the power of unconditional love. A beautiful song by the singing children of[...]
Back to school
Children resumed learning under socially distance measures on the 4th of January. We are so very thankful to have completed the new building in March, so although it is not being used as intended at[...]
If anyone wants to give Christmas gift to the child they sponsor (or another ) then use this link, we will be giving food in place of gifts as it is needed. If you want[...]
Winter update …Getting organised for Christmas
  Thankfully our school area has not seen a great number of Covid cases, but unfortunately the economic impact is devastating. This area relies on tourism, and there is simply no work. Lots of schools, nurseries and colleges have closed,[...]
Food Parcels COVID-19 donate here
September 2020 …we are still fund-raising for tis appeal and spending our sponsorship money on feeding people At these trying times, let’s remember what we are blessed with and the remain humble . Our African[...]
  DONATE HERE Our lovely new school is complete, but unfortunately because of Covid-19 all schools in Kenya are now closed. We are very concerned on the impact this virus is having in the village, as food[...]
UPDATE: how can you help?
The building is going up so quickly, It will be a two tier building and contain a new toilet block, new kitchen and ten further classrooms, the cost for the building is covered by a[...]
The children are safely home …WONDERFUL
The 2019 Singing Children of Africa “Wonderful” tour is now finished and the children are safely back home in Kenya with their families.   What an adventure it is for these kids to come to[...]
Charity Update…so much going on !!
We organised a reunion of previous SINGING CHILDREN of AFRICA tour members as a surprise for Maureen. It was a very special day, and many of the original choir from 2006 came along with the subsequent[...]
Our art competition is now open !! its being run through schools which are being contacted now, if you haven’t heard yet or know a school that would like more information in participating, please GET[...]
Ambitious Boys
The results speak for themselves… The KCP exam results for the end of year standard 9 national exams results for our school, were simply outstanding! According to Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed, 12,273 candidates scored[...]
Merry Christmas & Thank You
Merry Christmas to all ! Food parcels were given out to every child’s family. It is quite a logistical operation.. thanks to all who helped to make this possibly and gave of their time freely.[...]
CHRISTMAS FOOD APPEAL if you want to buy a food parcel for the children you sponsor please donate here This will be distributed to them with love from you CHOIR RETURNED HOME The  Believe Tour was[...]
Can you BELIEVE the tour is over ??? the children are all home safely …watch this space updates coming soon[...]
Believe Tour 2018 We hope that you will be excited and happy to hear that the children will be returning in September -November 2018 They will start off in the Renfrew area, visit Falkirk, Livingston, Dunfermline, Dundee, Aberdeen[...]
Update on Angels Tour 2017
It’s been an exciting few months here at Educate the Kids! Our wonderful choir, the Singing Children of Africa have yet again been in the UK. They visited Scotland, Billingham, Ilkley, Bradford and Huddersfield.They where[...]
They are back! Singing Children of Africa 2017
Yes the Singing Children of Africa are back in the UK . Everything is going great. Please see latest news post for venues and dates    We have a group of three new boys  [...]
Singing Children of Africa
  History of the Group Since starting the charity a long-term ambition of Maureen’s was for more people to meet the wonderful children from the Jolaurabi School in Kenya. Encourage by some sponsors vising Kenya[...]
Equal Rights for Women
Educate the kids are aware that some elements of traditional ‘African Culture’ may be a threat to the progress of women’s rights in Africa and that sexual discrimination remains widespread. Customary law, for instance, gives black[...]
Going the extra mile
The charity is well known through out the village and we often spend time in the village distributing clothes, shoes and whatever you have donated and we can manage to transport in our suitcases! Contact[...]
Computers & WIFI
Exciting times, Joluarabi goes online !! with grateful thanks to Bradford College who raised the funds to have WIFI installed in the school …they love it and it has just come at the right time[...]
Secondary schools in Kenya fall into three categories – government funded, harambee and private. Government funded schools are divided into national, provincial and district levels. Harambee schools do not receive full funding from the government[...]
Clean drinking water
One of life necessities. The charity dug a borehole and installed a well and pump providing water for the school and surrounding villagers. Make a donation[...]
This is one of our recent projects, in the early days the playground was flat but over time rough coral has worked its way to the surface, which was hazardous, especially to play on! Some[...]
Life is hard for these children and we recognise that education is nought if you don’t have food in your belly. One of the first things we introduced 2o years ago was the porridge programme to[...]