Ambitious Boys

The results speak for themselves…

The KCP exam results for the end of year standard 9 national exams results for our school, were simply outstanding!

According to Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed, 12,273 candidates scored 400 marks and above, an improvement from last year’s 9, 846 candidates.Girls performed better than boys in English, Kiswahili and sign language while the boys did better in Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Religious Education. ~Please remember that this takes in all schools in the country, our school entrance criteria is not having the means to attend school any other way, so the majority of children come from homes without electricity etc, preventing them to be able to study when its dark.

Nationally over 50 per cent of 2018 KCPE candidates managed to score 200 marks and above, whilst 99% of Jolaurabi students scored over 224, our top three students where top in the whole coastal region…what an achievement, Mr Edward and the teachers feel very proud.

For the last several years to be able to manage secondary administration all sponsored secondary students have gone to two schools locally, both very suitable establishments for our students to flourish. This year we have made the decision to invest in these three boys, who have ambition and were called to attend more prestigious schools. All come from backgrounds that would not permit them to continue with their education without sponsorship and help of the charity, in fact many of you will know one of them Moses Gambo  from the orphanage and choir ! To achieve over 400 is the Holy Grail…these marks are outstanding…over 20 of our students scored over 300







88 79 84 73 81 405 1



79 77 85 78 83 402 2
MOSES GAMBO 72 81 85 78 79 395 3