Charity Update…so much going on !!

We organised a reunion of previous SINGING CHILDREN of AFRICA tour members as a surprise for Maureen. It was a very special day, and many of the original choir from 2006 came along with the subsequent years too! When each group got up to introduce themselves …they sang one of their old songs …which set the tone for the day…they remembered every lyric and dance move and were better than ever!  It was so good to hear success stories…university graduates, beauty therapists, professional singers! Maureen loved it and it was great to see the students all greeting one another and being reunited




Jolaurabi continue to join with other local schools in the community learning how to sow seeds, tend the land, grow vegetables, keep livestock and learn how to be self sufficient

Alan one of our teachers goes every week with children from our school where they learn and have fun whilst learning….they also get to keep the vegetables they grow







20 of our kindergarten children went to Mombasa to an academic trip…! They were position 3 in all competitions, and such great ambassadors for the school, we are proud of the team. When the children were leaving, other children gathered together waving their goodbyes, their friendship is just amazing. ..sports fixtures for the older children in place …Joluarabi is becoming very unpopular with other schools in the area…because of its succes


                         Charity school changing lives.





The change in the national curriculum means children start school a year later which has enabled us to start a morning pre- school, who will join kindergarten school next January. We could only accommodate 40 children …. there were so many mamas that we had to turn away which was heart breaking

We have only brought the little ones in for a morning session where they will get porridge but we are unable to afford lunches at this stage as we need to find sponsors for all 40 of them and around another 20 in kindergarten who started in January. If you can help or can recommend our charity to a friend £11 a month changes a life.

Sign up on line to sponsor at


The SINGING CHILDREN of Africa are back rehearsing again with some little groupies in the playground !

As many of you know we had no intention of bringing the choir to the UK in 2019…HOWEVER, with the announcement of a family wedding in 2020 we decided that with your support we would do another tour this year, a few of the older children won’t make it as they need to focus on their education, we have only added in one little new lad Anderson, Khadija one of our teachers and Maxwell will return as one of the legends on drums.




We want to try and minimise the cost as they will only be in the U.K. for 6 weeks, hence the art competition and other fund raising prior to thier arrival …if you can help please do! The singing children will participate in the Edinburgh Kilt Walk again in early September …you are welcome to get your own sponsors and come and have a fun day with them. The areas they will visit are being currently being decided.






Our art competition is now open !! its being run through schools which are being contacted now, if you haven’t heard yet or know a school that would like more information in participating, please GET IN TOUCH…funds raised from this may allow the Singing Children to come back to the U.K. this year …!!!

What we are looking for is a simple design to use on our touring choir’s T shirts for 2019 and who better to do this than school aged children?! The theme we are working with is Show us ‘WHAT AFRICA MEANS TO YOU’. The ideas can be depicted as either a painting or a drawing.

There are three categories:

  3. AGE 12 AND OVER.

Each category winner will receive an African goody bag plus both pupil and school will be featured in this year’s programme.The overall winning entry will also be used on this year’s tour T shirts and also in programme.The closing date has been extending and will be in Friday 24th May…get painting




We have developed a ‘Skype Video Link Up’ with the children from Jolaurabi, many U.K. schools have already had successful assemblies and been shown around the school in Kenya and have “visited” with the children.

The benefit to children both here in U.K and in Kenya is amazing. These children have so much to teach each other.If this is of interest and you are a school who want to join the waiting list please or want information on ART COMPETITION contact Annette who is coordinating on Tel no: 07847 236757



Another project we are launching in Jolaurabi School, Kenya – very exciting!! Imagine having to catch up one in every four weeks’ schooling because you have no sanitary protection?! With no waste services at all supplying disposables is not a solution. So we bought a sewing machine to start making washable PERIOD PACKS for the girls to supplement the free ones we have kindly been made in the U.K.! 💯🙏 thank you! I know many of you have offered to help make them at home too – let me know if you are keen. We will be providing an incinerator to complete the life cycle of the product (which usually lasts around three years). Grace, our orphanage house mother, is learning to sew first, along with another couple of students who have just completed high school, and soon we hope to be training more girls to sew (once we have the space prepared) so that the less academically able girls have a new skill to keep themselves out of extreme poverty. This is the start of something wonderful. 🐣🐥🌈

Heather Munro who is leading on this project had to learn to use the machine in her hotel room (assisted by Heather and Sue and Evelyn, the hotel’s seamstress) until we found a tailor to tutor and a temporary home for it at the school


Year 8 girls thrilled with their new period packs and sexual health lessons,                                    and Grace having first sewing lesson from Tailor

                         Charity school changing lives.