What We Do

Educate the kids actively seeks out opportunities to educate the poorest children, those that without help would have no hope.


A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

We believe that ALL children are entitled to an education, which can free them from poverty. We know
that with your help we can do more.


Look at our school:

It wasn’t in the life plan
In 1998 Maureen McIntyre retired from a successful sales career and decided that she would surprise her husband Ian with a trip of a lifetime. They travelled to Mombasa Kenya and were so moved by the poverty they encountered, it became not only a trip of a lifetime but a lifetime’s work… Read More
From humble beginnings
In the early days around 40 children were sponsored through an existing primary school, as this grew to 120 a derelict building was converted into our first school, which they named JOLAURABI. There was no shortage of children in the surrounding villages to help and a big push on fundraising allowed us to built the first phase of a new primary school. Read More
Look what’s happened now!
From the humble beginnings the charity has thrived, the school now a complex of four school blocks, an orphanage and we have kept the original converted building which houses our thriving kindergarten. Thousands of children have completed both primary and secondary education, and a few a few have been fortunate enough to attend college and university.
What’s different about Educate the Kids ?
No deductions are made from the sponsors’ payments for administration. We have no paid officers and are very grateful for work done by volunteers, which help keep our costs low. Administrative costs are met by fundraising and from tax we recover through Gift Aid. All sponsorship payments therefore go 100% to the charities work for and around the sponsored child. We send out a regular newsletter, voluntarily produced, keeping you updated on progress and fundraising. You can become as involved as you want to be. Read More
The fruits of our labour
Established 20 years ago, many children who started schooling with us are now adults, their success shows that a hand up was all that was needed.
Click here to see their stories.

Nothing happens without the help of our fundraisers and sponsors! There are so many items on our wish list; we know that if we can attract sponsors who are willing to contribute on a regular monthly basis that we could replicate the success in other areas in Africa. We also want to extend the current school facilities to accommodate a larger computer suite and have a functional school hall.