African Legends Bios

Asha Dzombo
My name is Asha Dzombo I am 20 years old. I started and finished my education at Jolaurabi school thanks to Educate the Kids. I have completed high school and am now back working at Jolaurabi as a teaching assistant, which I really love, and I am delighted that I am able to help kids like me get an education. The charity and mostly grandma Maureen McIntyre has always been there for me and keep a smile on my face. I am so excited to be part of this year’s African Legends and to be a big sister for all the group!
Simon Munga
My name is Simon Munga, aged 22 and a former Jolaurabi student. I have been so fortunate to be in all the singing tours. I now am able to earn a living through my singing, so it has really changed my life! The tours gave me so much confidence and courage to carry on... I get so much support from the charity and from mama Maureen, from the bottom of my heart I am so grateful that so many people have helped change my life and I am following my dreams! This year i have been working as the groups music teacher, I love doing this and I hope this tour will be even better than last year, fingers crossed!
George Mwalugoh Kaingu
My name is George Mwalugoh Kaingu... But everyone calls me Lucky. I have been with the charity since I was a kid. I have loved being with the educate the kids because it has changed me a lot. I have been a drummer in every tour in UK. I have always enjoyed the tours because I have been changing ideas, sharing cultures together and having fun with everyone in UK. I was sponsored through primary and high school, my brothers are sponsored too and now am at Jolaurabi working with the children supporting football, sports and recreational activities, all that because of the charity. Next year I am getting married! I feel blessed with everything the charity has done to me and am always ready to do anything to help educate the kids and that is why am in the tour.
Kombe Nzai
My name is Kombe Nzai. I have been a drummer in all the past singing tours. I have been through the Jolaurabi school since childhood with educate the kids. It has been a great pleasure being in the UK sharing and learning new things to bring home. I have enjoyed every moment being in the UK. Am now back at the school working and encourage my fellow brothers and sisters how one can change through education. I have a sister in the group Fatuma Nzai who is so excited for the tour. I plan to go to college to do teacher training next year, with the help of the charity and some sponsors whom I love.
Charo Katana
My name is Charo Katana, I want to take this opportunity to thank the whole charity team but mostly granny Maureen McIntyre for putting back a smile on my face, my parents died when I was at the age of three years and I was brought up in the charities orphanage, and sponsored through primary and high school. Through the arms of the charity I went to school and now I am back in Jolaurabi school helping to teach, may God bless the whole of the charity team. So excited to be back in the UK.
Edwin Richard
My name is Edwin Richard. I'm so grateful for the support I've received from the charity since I was young, my father died while I was still young and my mother couldn't afford to pay for my education. The charity gave me support through my primary and secondary school. I've always valued my education that's why I worked hard at school. I completed high school last year and I'm now helping at the kindergarten. I'm so happy and excited to help my little brothers and sisters. When I was young I got the chance to join the choir and was so privileged to be in the UK. I learned a lot and I am so glad to be in this year's tour again, I'll be able to learn more again and meet wonderful new people. My brother was in the tour last year and I'm so happy to be traveling back with him again this year. I'm so thankful for the support the charity has always given to me and my brother we are so grateful and sincerely speaking without the charity my brother and I could have not finished their education.