The excitement mounted at Janet school on Commonwealth day as the celebrations started.

What a spectacle the children made in their traditional African costumes. With vivid colours and so many different designs it was difficult to decide which one we liked best.

Our little orphans were so excited as we joined them.

Mrs Pratt the assistant head took charge and divided the children into groups. Group one was asked to present someone to sing while the others were to dance. The new lad we sponsor Christopher was nominated and took to the centre. To everyone’s amazement he started to sing in Rap. The teachers were rolling with laughter but little Momodo our eight year old joined in and started dancing while others joined in.



Once Mrs Pratt tried to keep things together through the laughter the next group were invited to present their number and to her delight a traditional African song was sung while the others danced.

Once the entertainment was completed the head girl read a piece on The Commonwealth and I was asked to address the children.

The children finished their morning with a hearty lunch which they all shared willingly.