On the public beaches in Mombasa at a weekend one cannot walk for football being played. The talent is amazing!  Jolaurabi children just love playing. Every break time the boys will gather and the game begins. To the on lookers it seems to be 40 a side but I guess they know what they are doing..Having fun! When the children are at home and they do not have a ball they make one with paper and string. Ingenious!
The local public school for the wealthy African children and White children living in Kenya challenged our boys to a game. When we went along the private school boys were kitted out in shin pads, the best of boots etc. Our boys ended up kicking of their shoes and playing in their bare feet.

Who won? You got it Jolaurabi!

Every year there is an inter school sports day and not to be out done our girls entered…they reached the final and then it was shootouts. They were beaten by one goal but we made sure they felt victorious.