The Kiltwalk is a fantastic idea.  As their website explains, every £1 we receive will be boosted by 40% thanks to the incredible generosity of the Hunter Foundation.  Or, to put it in more significant terms, every £1,000 we receive from our Kiltwalking team and their sponsors will become £1,400 – that’s £1,400 that will make a big difference to our kids and our school in Kenya.  And we want to make a lot more than £1,000!

The Kiltwalk takes place in four Scottish cities. It’s already happened in Glasgow, and Aberdeen and Dundee are coming up over the next few months, however, it’s the Edinburgh Kiltwalk on 16th September where you’ll be able to walk with or see THE SINGING CHILDREN OF AFRICA  striding along in their Masai kilts and enjoying a great day out (hopefully in the sunshine!).

You are invited to join our team, find some sponsorship and walk the five miles with the children. Use link and click on the wee brown box that says “join team” (below our running total of donations), scroll down and select wee wander (£12), then fill in your information …type in Educate The kids as your chosen charity.

Over the next few months, we’ll be publishing updates on our news page, telling you about some of the people who have kindly joined the team and/or pledged to support us.  We’ll also share pictures from the Kiltwalk Facebook page and keep you up-to-date with our progress and our running total of money pledged.  At time of writing, it’s £541.46, but our target is to get to £10,000 – so please help us if you can, either by taking part or sponsoring one of our Kiltwalkers from the Singing Children of Africa .