ONE OF OUR SINGING GROUP STEVEN OUMA WROTE TO HIS SPONSOR AS FOLLOWS. This group certainly grew so much in knowledge and confidence due to their visit as we always hoped they would do.
How are you doing in your place of stay? Are all things going as you plan or do you have objectives? If you do have objectives then pray hard to He who hears and pray you ceases to prosper. My family and I are prayerful that one day you will come and pay us a visit. I was among he Singing Children of Africa but unfortunately did not get the chance of meeting you.
I enjoy writing to you and I hope you do too. Kenya is a pleasing and a good country to stay in. The climate is enjoyable. The beaches attract most of the tourists from your country.
Have you ever visited Africa? If you have never done so try it one day and I promise you will never regret it. I have friend most of which are ‘football lovers’ I mean football fans. Apart from playing football we also engage ourselves in playing other games and participating in voluntary work like planting trees. I always wale up early in the morning at 5.00am and prepare myself for school for I know very well that the early bird catches the worm. The morning lessons begin at 6.30am so I have to leave home early and walk to school. This takes me about 25 minutes.
How is your precious family? I mean ……………………………..and the rest. Are they all well? What about the Manchester United boy? I know he is as happy as a lark for they know have RVP (Robin Van Persie, who is now an outstanding player to be with. I am also happy for how Louis Swanz is on fire.
My sincere gratitude goes to all sponsors of our school who made sure that at least the whole school gets lunch for five days. I will never forget your endless efforts and I believe they will never be futile for hard work never goes unrewarded. I am working hard to join the best high school my marks can take me to after completing my primary education. I like doing mathematics whis is my best subject. I scored 94 marks our ot 100 in maths. I really performed to my level best this ear as I believe  scoring a possible 444 marks out of 500.
I really performed and scooped all the pupils to become the head of my class. I am now aiming at the last days which we will be officially breaking for our end term three holidays. The day will be two days from today and “Mama Sue” the ever smiling mama will be there. Please find it in you precious heart to reply and may the gracious, marvelous and victorious God protect and bless you for the rest of your life.
Loving friend
Steven Ouma