I have many happy memories of events with the children but none better than with Adam. We were traveling to the school in our beat up taxi and stopped to pick up the young children walking to start kindergarten at 7.30am. The car was full to busting but we stopped once again and through the window this little one was put on my lap. He was just turned three and spent the remainder of the journey looking at my white hair and white skin. During porridge break in the morning I sat under a tree doing some book work  and when I looked up noticed this little one standing on his own staring at me. I waved to him which he mistook for a call to come to me. I was delighted he did and gladly put the paperwork aside. He cuddled into me a if I were his mother and we spent the next 15 minutes or so gazing into each others eyes. I remember telling him how wonderful he was and how he was a special young man but he could not speak nor understand English but I am sure he understood me. Every time I visited the school after that Day Adam would come for a cuddle, even if he was in class. We have had a special bond between us since. His mother told the teacher that he prayed for me every night. So much for so little is what I felt. These children are so easy to love. Adam was slow to speak and is not the brightest boy in the class but his little shining spirit has a very special place in my heart.