In 2002 whilst visiting the school, we met Kache and Ali.  They were sitting on a log at the school gate. They told us they were waiting to see if we could take them into school.  At the time the school was full and we said that unfortunately we could not accommodate them.

When we had finished for the day and were ready to leave we discovered that the children were still waiting on the log! We went to speak to them and Kache pleaded that they be given the opportunity of attending school. She had previously been employed as a cleaner and was now responsible for cooking, cleaning and looking after her brother, she was 11 years old!! Needless to say she won us over and we have cared for them since. We have looked after Kache for many years. She is now 18 and has left our orphanage.  Kache is now in her third month of hairdresser training at college, and she tells me she is really thrilled to be there. She has always wanted to go to college and would not have been able to without the education she received at the school. She asked me to send her thanks to everyone who has helped in her get there.