The children are safely home …WONDERFUL

The 2019 Singing Children of Africa “Wonderful” tour is now finished and the children are safely back home in Kenya with their families.


What an adventure it is for these kids to come to the U.K., little Anderson who came for the first time this year sat on the coach from Manchester to Scotland awe inspired looking out of the window …think of how we feel when visiting a country like Kenya …and multiply it by 100 for excitement!


The tour was a great success again and the children excelled on stage, I think Kombe’s skills on the shaker really came to light as he stepped aside this year to allow Maxwell and George to play drums. There are so many memories in the tour, they started off in Dundee with a ball and finished in Falkirk with Barbara Bryceland and Friends on stage ..they truly felt like superstars. You can tell how much the children love to perform when you see them on stage, however, If anyone took the time to ask the children what their favourite thing is about the U.K is ….we are confident you received the answer ‘host families’ ( we joke its chicken and chips). Our sponsors, organisers and host families are amazing, they do it all volantarily at their own expense…we simply couldn’t do this without you …asante sana