Back to school

Children resumed learning under socially distance measures on the 4th of January. We are so very thankful to have completed the new building in March, so although it is not being used as intended at the moment the extra classrooms enable us to get all our children back in to school under the new guidelines. We have not  introduced school meals back in place yet, for two reasons. Firstly we have concerns that even though cooks would have to have cover testing etc, the ease of which it could spread through the school for a centralised point would be devastating and just too risky until we establish things are running well with hand washing and other measures. Secondly the money that you pay for school lunches has been put towards funds to provide food parcels for all the children’s families and vulnerable people in the community. We will  consider this arrangement the week before Feb half term and see if it is safe to open the kitchen and change this arrangement. Meantime thank you from the bottom of our hearts, it has been truly incrediable that such a small charity has been able to save a village from starvation ! If we all so a little a lot can be achieved !
The food appeal is still open (even though it says Christmas )















Today (29/01/21)we had some important visitors from the ministry of health and county directors of education. Described as  ‘the big bosses’ they are doing school inspections. Our headmaster reports they were really impressed with our school environment, cleanliness and everything was just spot on (tidy). Our fire drills were okay and up to date meeting the laid out standards. We had sufficient running water, sanitisers and liquid soaps in place. Our cooks are really doing an incredible job side to side with the askaris. Our school was ranked among the best in terms of level of preparedness in fighting corona virus. A big thank you from the Kenyan team for our concern, thoughts and ideas, and actions which has allowed them to get everything in place