Our lovely new school is complete, but unfortunately because of Covid-19 all schools in Kenya are now closed. We are very concerned on the impact this virus is having in the village, as food has already jumped up in price, the hotels and markets have closed and there is no work, even government workers are being forced to take unpaid leave, these people do not have food stores, safe spaces and good health care to support them.

Jolaurabi is more prepared than most and has made some early provisions and will continue to pay all our staff on full pay (thanks to your sponsorship). We have been receiving lots of emails form sponsors wishing to contribute so have set up this just giving page …all money will be used to support villagers with food and what they need, educate the kids has great infrastructure in place and can reach the people who need help.if you wish to donate…here’s the link 

scroll down to donate button or start your own fundraising from link amoung friends and family