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September 2020 …we are still fund-raising for tis appeal and spending our sponsorship money on feeding people

At these trying times, let’s remember what we are blessed with and the remain humble . Our African friends are going through a hard trial, the rain has come ( social distancing in mud huts ) , the police are rounding up anyone withouts face mask and putting them in quarantine centres ( how do they get face masks .. without us providing )! and they are then being asked to pay for the food bill once in the quarantine centre .Our families are very grateful for the continued support from our supporters which is putting food in their bellies .
To date no other consistent help is being provided in our surrounding villages as of the 20th of June we going out around 2000 family food parcels and a week, more will go out this week.
We need to continue to raise funds to support this. 2000 parcels costs £6000 so please continue to share and support these families who are suffering from hunger at this difficult time Please DONATE HERE



If you are not getting updates via our social media, here are a few photos and videos that show whats happening in the village


This single parent and it has found it difficult to feed her children, who are often skipping days without eating. A visit to the family by team jolaurabi brought relief. We gave the family a food parcel and masks thanks to your generous donations we are helping and supporting families like these….!





Another visit from Team Jolaurabi in Mikoroshoni and Keroport area ….Our team is doing it’s best giving out food parcels and masks to the families who need it the most as things are getting harder and harder each day to most of the families. Thank you for supporting our food appeal and every penny given out is making a massive difference helping these families
Please keep supporting and donating…!


Our team again managed to visit the squatters living further down in shanzu a place where it’s completely forgotten. Words can’t describe how dreadful the area is and the struggle of the families is heart breaking. With the long rains coming along and flash floods hitting different parts of the country, one can’t help but feel pity for the young children whose place of sleep (bare ground) is now wet. They go through all sorts of challenges and the current situation is just adding a misery onto another misery. Team jolaurabi visited the area and offered some food parcels and masks to reduce one burden on the very many on their backs. This food will help the families for a week or so on. Thank you to every single person through educate the kids supporting the food appeal, we are grateful, it is indeed uplifting the few souls we manage to get to.


Thank you to our tailor who has donated some masks through educate the kids to be given out to the most vulnerable families as a prevention measure for the corona virus. We really appreciate his generosity in this difficult times and thank you for your support, what a lovely thing to do….!