The Singing Children of Africa had a wonderful tour and performed music and dance that had audiences coming back for a second concert ! standing ovations were well earned



They have had the most marvellous time and have been treated with such love and care by hosts and sponsors who met and spent time with them.


The activities they have had are too many to mention and they have enjoyed them all, however on asking a few of them what was their favourite ‘thing ‘ the answer was that they loved singing and performing.

This is the first tour since covid, with some of the children expecting to travel in 2020, its been a challenge, not only have we struggled with passports, but the cost of the flights and transport meant that unlike other years we might just break even rather than raising money to invest in school….but its early days and something magical might yet happen!  We have however been joined by over 50 new sponsors so far which is the lifeline of the charity so we are delighted and think it has been worth all the effort .

They had such a lovely welcome from their familes