Mr. Edward & Kombe the Dream Team

Edward starts work at 5am Monday to Friday, has a later start at 8am on Saturdays and has a Sunday off, and right beside him every morning is Kombe!

Edward is our head master and Kombe is head of charity operations, they have a strategy meeting every evening when Kombe joins Edward eat with his family after school. One of the decisions that they made was that they would eat only once a day and not have lunch at school, so that some of the poorest children could take this food home to the families who were struggling. It is inspirational to spend time with them, the care and compassion they show is matched by the desire to ensure that Jolaurabi is the best school it can be and that the children are given a hand up. Kombe says that one of the greatest things is when he goes into town or is somewhere and he meets a former pupil who is working there, they are always so grateful and realise what a blessing their education is. Educate the kids couldn’t be happier with the working environment that this leadership team has created for the teachers and the children.



We have a new teacher in year three, Sarah is another success of the school, a former Jolaurabi pupil, who went to teaching college, got experience working at another school and is now part of our team.