Summer Update on School

Life is getting back to normal

Maureen is back in Kenya !!

It is so good to be back in Kenya, everything feels almost normal 

During the pandemic Maureen believed that she wouldn’t get back to Kenya, so it was all the sweeter to see her there. One of the first jobs she did was to assemble the singing children and start the selection process for a new group, preparing for a 2023 tour 

Watch this space !

Another term is underway and the school is thriving


there are still lots of children roaming about in the village desperate to go to school
and as we have had such success in finding sponsors for our intake in January we can now take in another 30 children to nursery

All we need now is to find SPONSORS for them at £11 a month, if you know someone that can help ask them to sign up on our web site 
We have hired Brenda and Brooklyne (previous students ) for time being whilst they wait for university etc which will allow children to get started 


With your help there are lots of exciting improvements being made  

We bought 30 new lap tops in Kenya with from your generous donations

New student chairs have been purchased and new desks and multiple use tables about to be ordered order from your generous donations

Lots more school books for the new curriculum have been purchased from your generous donations

New uniforms given out to all children from your sponsorship donations

Class trip to Haller park to see the animals was very popular as were the shoes given out from our lovely visitors from the Portishead area

Sponsors from tis area also fund raised for a pump for a new bore hole in the kindergarten providing fresh water on tap !

Toilets are being revamped with new plumbing, new cisterns and tiling being fitted, new pumps installed in the water tanks, electric points updated all from your generous donations

Hooks fitted outside classrooms to hold school bags…which have become quite substantial (when school stated children didn’t have bags )!

Our new land as been flattened, many tree roots removed, bore hole almost complete, materials being ordered to refurbish small building which will be used as storage and changing facilities when the football and netball areas are complete from your generous donations

Upcoming projects that require funding are; new kitchen and play area to be developed, new gates installed, library updated into a study area with new bench seating to allow use of lap tops within the area, desks replaced and updated with more age appropriate ones, more books purchased, more lap tops, science lab equipped, school repainted.

We are even in discussion to possibly purchase a small school bus !!

All of this happens because of you and your generosity
Thank you

If you want it please ask 

Please remember unlike other charities, we don’t run admin staff (paid ) 🙂 or offices in the UK and all time is given voluntarily, therefore we do not send out regular updates on the children as there are too many of them and not enough of us! however if you wish to have a photo update  on the child you sponsor this is honestly no trouble, all you have to do is ask (or remind me )