who doesn’t love new shoes???
THANK YOU for the hard work and support from our lovely 
sponsors, who have travelled to Kenyan their own expense to fit shoes that they 
have collected in the U.K. on to the feet 
of every (very grateful ) child in the school

A big thank you and special mention to Tanya Marriot who has promoted the charity through her shoe shop SoleLution,organising shoe collections and has brought in several new sponsors over the festive period…. AMAZING.!  

Tanya would be the first to recognise that great team work 
is behind this achievement and a very grateful thank you 
to all who have donated, travelled to Kenya and supported 
in so many different ways.

The feedback from our visitors 
is that it has been the most rewarding thing they have done in their 
lives ... fitting over 700 children with shoes

Educate the kids are very grateful for so many 
kind heated people and the 
difference they make