We met Maureen on our first trip to Kenya in 2007 at the hotel where we were staying and she invited us to see the school. It was a pleasure to see the children’s enthusiasm for learning despite the general lack of facilities at the school and in the area.

We agreed on the spot, to sponsor 2 children, one being Daniel, who had a lovely personality, he was only 6 at the time. We have since sponsored him through his schooling at Jolaurabi and it is a joy to have seen him mature and grow in spirit, with his desire to learn not being diminished at all, during that time. All the children at the school understand that being given the chance to learn is a privilege. We have continued to support him in his secondary education.

Having been back to Kenya three times since our initial visit, because of our connection with the school, and each time visited the school on a number of occasions; we have been blessed to be able to keep contact with Daniel and a number of the staff at the school. At those times we also have visited Daniels family and got to know them. It has been a pleasure to make this connection with them and see how they live. Their gratitude and attitude have been an example to us. His parents know how much the education of all their children is a priority and without schooling their lives will be so different and opportunities so much less. We have subsequently sponsored Daniels sister who has now been at the school for a year.

We have also had the pleasure of see Daniel, when the choir came twice to the UK on their tours, and during that time we were lucky to have Daniel and his friend visit our home in Essex for a few hours. He amazed us in that he had no problem in using the electric hob, in spite of not having more than an open fire to cook on in Kenya. When we next visited Kenya and met his mum she could not believe that he had done any cooking.

The opportunity to make a real and actual difference to another persons life and give them the chance to make a difference both in their and their families lives, as well as the wider community is an incredible gift. It has enhanced our lives and as a result of this our two daughters, friends and their contacts also contribute to the charity and sponsor their children and the school.

It has been a privilege to see how this charities work has grown in Kenya in spite of many problems, many of which are still there. As they say the way to start to make a difference is to start with one person and see where that leads.

Paul & Janet Scott 10/09/2014