At our school in Kenya the headmaster Mr Edward tries to give the children a broad outlook on life. Realising all children relate to music and with the talent of one of his teachers Madam Doreen a new dance programme was arranged.



Doreen trained in Dance and loves to teach the girls format for their native dance. It is such a treat to watch them perform and add a modern touch. It’s quite unique!

Costumes are made from African kangas and are cheap to do and as you will see by the photos have a great affect.


As we the founders are Scottish Doreen decided to teach the children some Highland dancing, starting with the Highland fling. They had no costumes for this and we put out an appeal for some kilts but alas received none. Sue Stevens from Somerset came to our rescue as she was given some red leotards. Some little white skirts were made and the outfits were created. Great what a little improvisation will do. Notice the children have no shoes but white socks to complete their ensemble.


So if you ever visit Jolaurabi be prepared to be entertained by our dance group. AND YOU WILL JUST LOVE IT!