Charo teachingI was born near the Joluarabi school and lived happily with my family but unfortunately both of my parents passed away when I was very young and my chances of surviving seemed slim.  However, my grandmother looked after me and when I was three years old Educate the Kids found me and gave me a place in the orphanage and all the basic things a normal child should expect to have – food, clothes and schooling.  Because I was able to go to the school, it helped my grandmother and she was able to raise and feed me at the same time.

Being at the school made me so happy.  I studied throughout Primary School and then High School and later was able to go to College. Now, I’m a teacher at Joluarabi school, so my life has come full-circle.

Charo teaching outsideWhat makes the Educate the Kids charity different is that there are no paid staff in the UK. The only staff getting paid are the teachers and other workers in Kenya.  In the UK, all the work is done by volunteers and well-wishers.

For anyone in the UK who hasn’t heard of Educate the Kids, the one thing that I think would amaze them is how kind all the supporters of this wonderful charity are and how grateful our people in Kenya are for this kindness.

Educate the Kids is well established in Kenya now but still working so hard to continue to bring hope to our village and the very poorest children (and their families) and I hope too that my story is an inspiration to others.   Educate the Kids changed my life and with your support they can change the lives of many more children who, like me when I was young, would otherwise have no hope.

Charo Katana, Teacher, Jolurabi School, Kenya