This intelligent young man is Maxwell, who has been brought up from a young age in the orphanage, and is now doing brilliantly at university.
Maureen knew his mum and dad before they passed away and they were very devoted parents, they would be so proud,
Read Maxwells words…

There could be more than a thousands reasons for me to count myself as the luckiest person on earth but there is this one which outweighs all the others;being taken into school under educate the kids.
Just a bit of introduction, when I was born my mama gave me the name Maxwell which I do love up to date and I’ve been beneficiary of the charity since I can last remember.
I was orphaned at the age of nine and that is when life became of no meaning to a small boy as I was(in layman’s language the world turned upside down for me)
I had to be taken to my aunts and uncles to be taken care of but all this was just a waste of time since no one was ready to take me in and be part of their family… Though young as I was they saw me and called me a burden.
It’s from there I acquired my humble nature which I still embrace till this moment. Most likely the reason why am not too friendly and always on my own talking to myself,asking question and at the sane time answering them.
I forgot to mention,when mum passed she left me alone with no other sibling neither a sister nor a brother. I had a sister before mum’s demise but she was the first to succumb before dad and them mum followed suit.
To cut the long story short; the founder of the charity that is mama Maureen saw the need of her taking me into the orphanage which had just come to an end of construction. This marked as a breakthrough to my life and I promised my self that I would use this golden chance in achieving my so many goals which I had in mind.I could now concentrate on my studies well having found a suitable environment for learning with a house full of brothers and sisters whose stories were not far from mine. We assisted one one another in matters education and so many other nonacademic fields but that’s a story for another day.
Right now am in university having passed my primary level examination and secondary level examination and not just passing but passing with flying colours. This serves as challenge to the young kids at the orphanage for them to work twice hard as I did for them to have future that is bright. The Almighty might have taken the parents away but he saw it right to live ‘you’ with a smart mind and so utilizing it fully bores fruits.
I think the best gift you can give someone who has put his/her trust in you and has given you chance to do something for instance what the charity is doing to the thousands of people in jolaurabi and all who are connected to it in any way whatsoever, should show the person/people who gave him/her the chance that they were right in doing so and the trust the they kept in him/her didn’t go to waste.
I can’t say that personally I have achieved that but what I know for sure is that I am almost there