A day to remember for four of the boys we take care of in Gambia. We brought them to the hotel for some fun. They had a wonderful time as the photos will show and were so well behaved. They ended up looking after a little Scottish lad by pushing him back and forth on this little boat, much to the delight of his parents.

At lunch time they were amazing! Remember these children came from the refugee camp and were not used to sitting at a table and eating with cutlery. At one point Suleiman’s bottle of soda was too near the end and Frank gently pushed it in for him. When it was time for them to go home one of the boys said to Ian “Sir, my brother did not get to come today.” Ian explained he would come the next time. They are indeed a credit to Bob who treats them all as if they were his brothers and sisters and they respond as such.


The children still look a bit under nourished but I guess it will take time.

Going home with a bag full of new DVD’s just rounded off the day for them.