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Support a Child Through Secondary School – £25

£25.00 / month

We hope that when children put in the hard work and pass their primary exams that we have kind hearted people like you that can provide the means for them to continue with their education.




  1. Poonam Cant

    Having met the children that have gained primary education I can see they have a real thirst for learning through to secondary school and beyond.

  2. Sheila Forrester

    I am changing from Primary school to Secondary school sponsorship for MONICA WAMAJA (could be Wanjala?)

  3. Lynn & Mike Baldwin

    Changing my sponsorship from primary to secondary school for ALEX MORGAN, whom we have sponsored for 10 years now. Having met him and his family personally, we are VERY proud of this young man. Well done Alex!

  4. Mary christiansen

    Help a child to secondary school

  5. Cheryl Donnison

    I’ve sponsored Brenda Rama for her primary education. I’d like to change my sponsorship from primary to secondary school. She’s achieved so much and I’m very proud of this young woman. What a star!!

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