Kenya is still in the throws of lockdown, this means the people in the area we support have no means to support themselves with closed hotels and closed tourist industry (unfortunately no furlough in kenya)!  Covid-19 hasn’t been as bad as expected with Kenya reporting just of over 6000 cases and 144 deaths, but the lockdown for people who live day to day, hand to mouth has been tragic. 


load of food on trucks

Our local team have been amazing, our teachers and helpers led by Edward and Kombe have been joined by over 60 volunteers on a weekly basis to distribute food.  Food distribution days have seen food given out from the school building and then food carried or loaded on to wooden hand carts so that it can be taken into the village and delivered to the most vulnerable. Educate the kids are supporting around 2000 families each week ( around 8000 people), we are the only organisation helping in the area. We also continued to pay all our staff and teachers full pay, and have distributed hundred of face masks.

hungry woman




We have been able to do this by diverting some of our sponsorship money that would normally be spent on school lunches to the food appeal, by some generous donations from individuals and from our food appeal Donate here 

video from Kenya TV about Educate the kids support. Warning this may make you cry (I did )!  to see the back breaking work that goes into this project. Lots of faces that you may recognise saying THANKYOU

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Exciting news from the Kiltwalk!

We’re all disappointed that we can’t walk together at the 2020 Kiltwalk but we have a team building for the  first ever Virtual Kiltwalk on the 3rd – 5th of July and all monies raised be topped up by 50% from the Hunter foundation. So if you donate £1 we get £1.50! If you can fundraise and walk please join our team,
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