Hello there, am Stephen Ouma Otieno a former student of Jolaurabi private school. Actually am about to give a little bit sad story of my life but i have to because of what the charity has done for me. I started schooling in your school in the year 2004 after moving in my uncle’s house in Mombasa. Mr. Lucas Oyoo Kanga, my uncle is a man i respect so much for the love and care he has shown unto me may God bless him. He is the last born in my father’s family. He took me in as his own son in the year 2004 after the death of my mum which occurred a year after the death of my father. He was lucky to have got a chance for me in your school. I was so lucky that i got a sponsorship from Claire’s mum the same year. Am so grateful to her family, they have shown me so much love like one of there own and for that you will always remain in my heart ♥ mum(Claire ) together with your family. Her mum paid half of my fee and Claire paid the other half until the most High Daity took her lovely mum and so she took the full responsibility of paying my fee, God bless you. Am also grateful to the charity as a whole because if it were not for Maureen McIntyre i won’t have got Claire’s sponsorship. May God bless all the members of the charity with all the work you are doing to educate more kids in Kenya. I always love it when i check the page #educate the kids and see the singing children’s photos in England, indeed they are doing a good job so that more children may get the good education. Am so happy to have got this opportunity to share my life story,i scored a B+ in my Kenya certificate of primary education exams and that granted the chance to join high school and also to be educated more by the charity. Claire Haigh continued to pay my high school fees in Usenge boys high school which was quite expensive and at the same time she always bought me nice clothes, shoes, school items and requirements and not forgetting she always bought food for my family. All this nice things motivated me more to work hard and make all of you proud more so to make her proud since that was the only way i could show my gratitude to her and say thank you for the nice things she did to me and my family as a whole.I also want to say that i won’t have made it this far without my dad’s good and encouraging advices and counseling. Last year i sat for my final exam that is Kenya certificate of secondary education and i once again scored a B+ of 72 points. I was so happy because it gave me an opportunity to pursue my dreams at the University and bring a change in my family. On 5th August this i got my admission letter inviting me to Masinde Muliro university of science and technology to pursue a course in Bachelor of Science in Global Health and Emporiatrics. As am typing this long e-mail am in my University of choice thanks to Maureen McIntyre, the charity as a whole, the late Claire’s mum, Claire, Tonny, Domnic, Brogan and Mandy. Am so proud to say that its because of the ones mentioned above that am what i am today and i will never get tired of saying thanks and that may God bless you all. I love you so much, always at heart ♥. Mum as always i promise not to let you down and thanks a lot for your support still. A big thank you to the educate the kids. I love you all bye 👋 for now. Oh my! 😱 i don’t feeling like stopping but i have to. I love you 😘 more than you can imagine mum.