The choir yet again this year have been truly amazing, I hope that you can get yourself to a concert




For those of you that don’t follow us on social media you may not be aware of the problem we had at the airport in Kenya. Its a story of two halves, we had issues with the airline which is being dealt with, but we also had an issue with Yvonne’s passport and she was left at the airport whilst the other children boarded. As you can imagine this was heartbreaking, Yvonne is an integral part of the choir and is much loved. This is really worth a watch , its the moment that we surprise the choir who are on stage with Yvonne’s arrival, after flying her over 10 days after the group arrived…it was the best kept secret




The kids have had some truly amazing experiences

and have enjoyed every minute …..




well maybe not every minute …..the rain from the kilt walk in Scotland was perfectly timed to soak us all  at the very start of the walk! is Scotland after all and one of our supporters said its the only place I know that you would be handed a rain mac and a pair of sunglasses at the same time !

The choir walked in a sponsored 5 mile charity Kilt walk alongside 5000 other people and raised over £7000 which the Royal Bank of Scotland will add a further 40% to.

Its still not to late to sponsor a little one if you want to support them in this way


One of our sponsors who walked with the choir made this fantastic little video about the day

The children represented themselves, their country and the charity very well and enjoyed every minute of it …






The children stole the show and the media there impromptu performances at the beginning and the end in the party tent made everyone smile




Simon is still playing a staring role and is getting better every year, next year we plan to concentrate our efforts in Kenya and see if we can support him in his bid for stardom

We just love these talented resilient and very capable children, I think they teach us a great deal about our cultural norms that we maybe need to reflect upon